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Ancient Near East

Abila of the Decapolis Archaeological Project
The site presents the historical and archaeological saga of Abila of the Decapolis, one of the richest sites in northern Jordan.

ABZU Regional Index Home Page
Guide to Resources for the study of the Ancient Near East available on the Internet.

ABZU Regional Index: Mesopotamia
Index of resources for the study of Ancient Mesopotamia, including the territory under the control of the modern state of Iraq and parts of Iran, Syria, and Turkey.

Ancient Near Eastern Art
Recreates an audience hall in the palace of Ashurnasirpal II (r.883 859 B.C.) at Nimrud in northern Iraq. Also covers excavations at Nimrud. The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Ancient Shikhin and Sepphoris, Israel

Ancient Synagogues in the Holy Land - What Synagogues?

Cambridge University Library: The Taylor-Schechter Genizah Research Unit
A priceless accumulation of centuries-old Hebrew manuscript material and Judaica, recovered from the Cairo Genizah in 1896-97.

Excavations at Sepphoris, Israel
The University of South Florida.

The History of the Ancient Near East
Ancient Iraq, Israel, Egypt, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Arabia, Cyprus, Bahrain, and Western Iran.

Lost City of Arabia
Discovery of the ancient city of Ubar located in what is now Oman. NOVA Online.

Lost Tribes of Israel
Journey to find both the lost city of the Lemba and the truth behind their claim to an ancient Jewish heritage. NOVA Online.

Lycian Turkey
This is from Kalamus Specialty Tours but the site offers quite a bit of Lycian history. It presents history, sites, tombs and maps.

Near East Archaeological Society
Promotes awareness, education and research in Biblical Archaeology and Ancient Near Eastern studies.

Netherlands Institute for the Near East
Leiden University, Netherlands

Scrolls from the Dead Sea
The Ancient Library of Qumran and Modern Scholarship, an Exhibit at the Library of Congress.

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