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The Cambodian Genocide Program (Yale)

Central Asia

Central Asia
Links and extracts from papers covering the five ex-Soviet Central Asian republics, along with Xinjiang (Eastern Turkestan), a province of China.

Central Asian History, Part 1 (up to 1600)

Central Asian History, Part 2 (Since 1600)

Prof. H. B. Paksoy's published works on Central Asian History


China the Beautiful
China the Beautiful is a website on the internet serving as a primary resource site for the Chinese classics, arts, history, literature, poetry, calligraphy, and paintings, and all that is beautiful and glorious in the Chinese culture.

The Chinese Empire
From the Great Unification through the Yuan Dynasty. Washington State University.

Condensed China: Chinese History for Beginners

Fairbank Chinese History Library: Rob Gray
A Modern Chinese History Virtual Library.

History of China
From ancient dynasties to the present. There is also a timeline. University of Maryland.

The Macau Museum
Wide ranging, including archaeological findings in Macau and surrounding areas from the Middle Neolithic to the Qing Dynasty, Macau's fortifications and collections related to Macauís archaeology, local history, natural history, ethnography and ethnology.

Nanking 1937
An exhibition of photographs and missionary documents of the Nanking Massacre. Princeton University.

Rivendell's China Page

Stefan Landsberger's Chinese Propaganda Poster Pages
A site dedicated to the Chinese propaganda poster as it has been produced from 1949 until the present. Contains many annotated images.

UCSD Modern Chinese History Site

WWW Memorial Hall of the Victims in the Nanjing Massacre (1937 -1938)


Asian Civilisations Museum

Asian Studies WWW Virtual Library
The Australian National University (ANU), Canberra.

Harappa (Indus Valley)
Archaeology, the Raj period.

Starr East Asian Library Home Page
The C. V. Starr East Asian Library is one of the major collections of East Asian materials in the United States, with close to 700,000 volumes of Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Tibetan, Mongol, Manchu, and Western-language materials and over 4,000 periodical titles, for the study of East Asia.

Wallace in South America & Malay
Wallace spent four years in the Amazon rainforest and eight years in the Malay Archipelago (modern Malaysia, Borneo, Indonesia and New Guinea). The Natural History Museum, London.



Gandhi Virtual Ashram

The Hindu Universe - History

An introduction.

History of Bombay

History of Mathematics: India

History of the Sikhs
An effort towards putting the whole Sikh History on the web.

The Indian Revolt by Charles Creighton Hazewell
An article that appeared in the Atlantic Monthly, December 1857. From The Atlantic Online.

Internet Indian History Sourcebook
Links to primary and secondary sources. Fordham University.

Itihaas: The History of India
Covers ancient, medieval, modern and independence.

Sikhism Home Page
History topics are in the Introduction and in the Origin & Development sections.

Zagarell's Archaeology Page: South India/Nilgiri Mountains


History of Indonesia
Embassy of Indonesia for Canada.

Indonesian History by Elaine Shim
A short history to present time.

Sejarah Indonesia
A timeline of Indonesia.


A-Bomb WWW Museum

Ancient Japan
History, culture, timeline and atlas. Washington State University.

Asuka Historical Museum
Asuka, more than 1,300 years ago, was home to Japan's ruling dynasty and was thus, for more than a century, the capital of the country. It was here that Buddhism was introduced.

Australia-Japan Research Project
Provides a resource for historians and others interested in the Australia-Japan relationship, especially in war, from 1901 to 1957. Contains a database of historic materials, several research essays and seminar papers, and various research aids, including glossaries and thesauri of geographical and military terms. A joint enterprise between the Australian War Memorial and the Japanese Embassy in Canberra.

The Battleship Kongô
How the design of one Japanese battleship built by the British in 1913, influenced naval history and naval architecture of the U.S., Japan, Great Britain and Germany. Covers naval history and architecture from the Russo-Japanese War in 1905 through World War II.

Digital Library of Kyoto University
Electronic texts and journals as well as an image database.

Historiographical Institute, University of Tokyo
Historical source materials concerning Japan. Library, publications, and databases. In English, French, Dutch and Japanese.

History of Hiroshima

Imperial Family of Japan (unofficial site)
The primary purpose of this site is to provide genealogical information on the emperors of Japan and members of the imperial family.

Japanese History
From early Japan through post World War II. Schauwecker's Guide to Japan.

Joint Study of the Sino-Japanese War
Provides resources of archives and indices. Harvard.

Joseph Wu's Origami Page

Nagasaki University Old Picture Database
The photographs in this collection were mainly taken in Japan from the 1860s to the 1890s, and colored by professional painters. They show foreigners' settlements, urban and rural scenery, tourist spots, customs and people in Nagasaki, Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Kobe and elsewhere.

National Museum of Japanese History (English version)
The National Museum of Japanese History (Kokuritsu Rekishi Minzoku Hakubutsukan), generally called Rekihaku, opened in March of 1983. It is the only museum of Japanese history in Japan which supports systematic research and exhibitions of Japanese history and culture. The history and the folk worlds of the Japanese from prehistoric and ancient periods to modern times are exhibited with historical materials, replicas, and restorations based on careful scientific research.

Okinawa: The American Years, 1945-1972
Biographical essays, chronology, photos, annotated bibliographies.

Samurai Archives

Secret of Sakhalin Island (Karafuto)


Arts of Korea
This exhibition explores Korea's distinctive cultural identity and the ways in which the arts of Korea have been affected by trade and diplomacy, by war and peace, and by religion and philosophy. The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Historical Setting (North Korea)

Journal of Hamel and Korea
The history of Hendrick Hamel the "discoverer" or explorer (the Marco Polo) of Korea. By Henny Savenije, Jangan College, The Netherlands.

Korean Bibliography
A bibliography of approximately 4,800 records of books about Korea in English up to 1995 held by the Library of Congress.

Korean History
From ancient to contemporary.

Myths and Legends of Ancient Korea


Allama Mashriqi - Scholar and Founder of the Khaksar Movement
Allama Mashriqi was a Scholar and Founder of the KHAKSAR MOVEMENT in Indo-Pakistan.

M.A. Jinnah
Founder of Pakistan.

Pakistan - A Country Study
The Federal Research Division of the Library of Congress under the Country Studies/Area Handbook Program.


Austrian-Philippine Home Page
The Austrian-Philippine Home Page is part of APSIS (Asian/Pacific Studies & Information Service) at the Institut für Völkerkunde (Institute of Social Anthropology), University of Vienna.

A Philippine Leaf

A directory of Philippine history-related web sites.

The Story of the Philippines
A book by Murat Halstead (Historian of the Philippine Expedition 1898), of which a few chapters have been digitized.


Knowledge Net Singapore - The Singapore Social History Source

National Archives of Singapore

Singapore History Museum
The Singapore History Museum explores the rich heritage of the people of Singapore, from their ethnic and cultural diversity to their struggle for nationhood.


History of Taiwan
In English and Kanji.

Taiwan -- History
On overview from pre-1600's to the present. University of Wisconsin.

Taiwan's 400 Years of History
Everything from an overview and timeline to documents, photographs and bibliography. Also, there are some online books available for download in PDF format.

Taiwan, the Country
Culture and geography as well as history. Jeff Tsay, University of Texas at Arlington.


The Thai Heritage Page
Historical and cultural information on Thailand or Siam.


Vietnam Documents
A Selection of Documents in Vietnamese History, translated into English.

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